Need to protect your home, office or jobsite from theft, intrustion or vandalism? We’ve got a full range of solutions, whether you’re looking for a simple door alarm or a comprehensive security system. We offer a full range of camera options, including analog, HDcctv, and IP cameras. Additionally, we’ve got several different styles of camera, including box, bullet, dome, and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras for whatever your surveillance needs may be.



Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint, or mesh wireless links. Though almost all video cameras fit this definition, the term is most often applied to those used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores. In industrial plants, CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans.

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Fire Alarms


Fire is one of the most dangerous events possible; somewhere in the world, one occurs every minute of every day. While fire can be our friend in some instances, it can be our worst enemy when it’s uncontrolled and allowed to continue through a building. Fire is, of course, destructive, and the smoke from a fire creates a toxic, dangerous atmosphere. The rapid detection of a fire and its control can save several thousand lives, thousands of injuries, and millions of dollars in property loss each year.

The field of fire detection has advanced to where smoke detectors and alarm devices have combined to become life-safety systems. The purpose of an automatic fire-alarm system is to detect an occurrence, alert the control panel and proper authorities, and notify the occupants to take action.

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Gate Automation

About this Gate Systems:

Automatic and Electric Gate operators are designed for both swinging and sliding gates. They can be programmed to open and close with a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Automated driveway gates are a good first layer of security.


Low Voltage Automatic Gate openers can also be fitted with solar panels to ensure function during loss of electricity or blackouts. Whether they are for residential or commercial use, automation provides great advantages and increases the comfort level significantly.

Benefits of Gate Automation:

  • Whether you’re protecting children and pets at home or keeping unwanted guests off of your commercial property, automatic gates are a reliable security option.
  • Whether you’re protecting a home or business, automatic security gates add value to your property by increasing curb appeal. Furthermore, automatic gates create an extra layer of protection from intruders and unwanted guests, ensuring your property remains safe. If you’re planning to sell your home or business in the future, the addition of an automatic gate is guaranteed to attract interested buyers.
  • Many property owners incorrectly assume that automatic gates are too large of an expense. In reality, however, installing an automatic gate on your property provides an excellent return on investment while staying within your budget.

Boom Barriers

A boom barrier is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. Boom gates are often counterweighted, so the pole is easily tipped. Boom gates are often paired either end to end, or offset appropriately to block traffic in both directions. Some boom gates also have a second arm, which pivots on links that allow the second arm to hang 300 to 400 mm below the upper arm when it descends into the horizontal position, to increase approach visibility.


Boom gates are typically found at level (rail) crossings, drawbridges, parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. They are also the usual method for controlling passage through toll booths, and can also be found on some freeway entrance ramps which are automatically controlled to drop to restrict traffic in the event of accident cleanup or road closures without the need to dispatch road workers or law enforcement to use a vehicle to block the way.

Gate And Shuttel Automation


Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all sized properties. Electric gates, though not very commonplace at the moment, have found their niche in the market today. For those who find the security of their premises (be it residential or commercial) important, electric gates are the way to go. There is a decrease in the cost of electric gate kits and their installation. Aside from the basic kits, there are now many features that can be added to ensure security as well as make them more convenient.

Rolling shutter is a method of image acquisition in which each frame is recorded not from a snapshot of a single point in time, but rather by scanning across the frame either vertically or horizontally. In other words, not all parts of the image are recorded at exactly the same time, even though the whole frame is displayed at the same time during playback. This produces predictable distortions of fast-moving objects or when the sensor captures rapid flashes of light. This is in contrast with global shutter in which the entire frame is exposed for the same time window.

Flap Barriers

The compact pedestrian flap barrier is designed to control pedestrians entering or existing restricted areas usually under surveillance, and in particular low security areas. Commonly used to control both directions, the barrier may operate with card access, token acceptor or other remote device which produces a clean contact closure for authorized passage. An epoxy powder coat provides corrosion protection and an attractive finish.


The housing has two removable end modules allowing access to the electrical terminations and electronic control. Due to its compactness it can be installed very narrow paths. It consists of inbuilt safe beam (photo cell sensor) to detect the presence of any kind of object in the barrier’s path.



Security is a rising concern in the world today. From hackers accessing valuable information to intruders threatening the safety of people and property, companies are recognizing the need for better security. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the best options is often the use of turnstiles to control employee and visitor access.

Benefits of Turnstiles over Doors

The following highlights the advantages of using a turnstile rather than a door, including improved security, effective integration with the facility’s access control system and increased operational flexibility.

  • Improved Security
  • Access Control Integration
  • Operational Flexibility

Door Automation

Automatic Sliding Door

AutomaticSliding door optimises opening time and prevents heat loss. It saves money by minimising the cycle to match that of every user. This innovative “energy saving” device identifies the direction of movement of traffic and acts accordingly.



Self-Locking Electromechanical Operators Suitable For Office Use

Self-Braking Operator With Electronic Slow Down Function

Vertical And Horizontal Positions Adjustable

Available Also With Electric–Brake

Low Maintenance Required

Strong And Easy To Use Unlock Device With Personalized Key.

Fire raked Door


Hörmann’s specialized Fire Doors are designed to compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire meeting the most stringent requirements of life safety in commercial and industrial establishments. Tested and certified to comply with highest Indian , British and American Standards they are available with fire rating for 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 minutes. These doors not only complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems, but also ensure optimal personal safety.

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Video Door Phone

Wireless Operation

Check visitors and Respond promptly from everywhere in the home and even while you are doing somthing eles, by wireless handset. UP to 4* wireless monitors are connectable.



Electric lock release support

The electronic lock can be operated from both the main and sub monitors.the gate lock can be easily and quickly released even from the second floor of the home.

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Intrusion Alarms

Alarm Monitoring

Intruder and fire alarm systems generate a local alarm and can dial on the emergency contacts in case of intrusion or fire. But such alerts can be missed specially if they occur during night time. Also alarm systems can also generate false alarms if they are not properly installed and can create nuisance for the customer.


Team of our vigilant monitoring officers can handle the alerts, verify their genuity and can deter the crime with the help of two way communication.


Alarm Monitoring

Our Vigilant Monitoring
Officers will handle the
alerts from Intruder/Fire
alarm system and can
deter the crime.

Guard Monitoring

Keep an eye on the
alertness of the guards
and increase their

Child Monitoring

We can help keep an eye
on your child when you
arc not around. Our
monitoring officers will do.

Medical Help

Team of our monitoring
officers can arrange
medical help in case of an

Elderly Care

Our Monitoring Services
can be utilized to provide
safety, security and
medical assistance to
senior citizens.

Operational Efficiency

Various monitoring
services can be utiized to
increase the operational
efficiency of your

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PA System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume (loudness) of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music. PA systems are used in any public venue that requires that an announcer, performer, etc. be sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area.



It amplifies the sound signal which is to be distributing all the speakers. It supports mike, speaker and some external auxiliaries.


Commonly cone/horn type, wall mounted and ceiling mounted speakers are used in PA systems for loud sounding. These speakers are rated in various frequencies and it is denoted in watts and the Watts is the amount of amplification available for the speakers.




A microphone is an acoustic to electric transducer, which converts sound energy into electrical energy. Microphones are used in public address systems for concert halls and public events.

Audio Video Solution

We offer various Audio Visual solutions for different sectors. Our solution on AV covers different segments of applications as per customers requirement.



Projector is a display device that has became an absolute necessity in a modern classroom. New Ultra Series projectors promises superior quality along with a commendable performance. The various important luxury features related to this series make projectors a class apart from the rest. Portability, real and true color images with greater contrast and purity, crisp picture quality, high brightness and an unique design are some of the highlights of this series.

Sony is the most recognizable brand out there. Sony produces portable projectors for mobile presentations, compact and affordable entry level business projectors, basic classroom projectors, advanced network projectors for executive conference rooms and training centers, large venue projectors, and 4k Digital Cinema projectors for motion picture theaters.



Through the new LCD projectors, new learning experiences can occur, such as using Google Earth for geography, or looking at maps. Or using interactive school plans to learn a foreign language, or, even better using webcam functionalities to visit partner communities and schools for cross collaboration lessons. Schools can also stream videos with ease — something you cannot obviously do with either a whiteboard or an overhead projector.

The days of overhead projectors being used in schools are fading fast. More and more educational institutes are transitioning to more modern technologies, such as LCD projectors.



Projectors are sometimes called “front projectors” or “two-piece projection systems” in reference to the fact that a projector is typically used with a separate screen that is either mounted on a wall or hung from a ceiling. However, these days many users of the more inexpensive projectors simply shine the picture on a white wall to save the cost of the screen.

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Commercial Display


Samsung Display

JM Integrated provides a unique digital signage platform for managing the efficient distribution of place-based targeted messages and branded experiences across networked displays. It is designed intelligently to scale with the growing demands of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry. It provides a standards-based platform that offers certainty to marketing and advertising professionals seeking a viable long-term solution to meet the current and future demands of their digital signage deployments.

We has handled implemented high scale Digital Signage Solutions in Chennai for various top clients ranging from manufacturing to Retail.



  • JM Integration provides digital signages solutions for retail, which form an ideal platform. Geographically distributed with multiple departments, corporate marketing officers can benefit greatly from the precision and flexibility offered by digital signages at their stores.

  • Centrally managed, networked Digital Signages reduces the dependence on in-store employees to execute point-of-purchase marketing programs, while allowing marketers to target specific areas within the store to send tailored messages to shoppers browsing products on the shelves. JM Integration has done lot of projects is implementing Digital Signages to Retail industries in Chennai.

In today’s challenging business environment displaying targeted information at the most appropriate time and space is of paramount importance. Attracting people to your products or services in real time adds to their experience and hastens their decision making to become your most valued customers.

Health Care

  • Health care providers have a very good business case for Digital Signages. They generally have a captive audience waiting at the doctor’s office or at the reception or at the diagnostic lab. This is generally a time that can vary from 10 minutes to an hour. Advertisers and content partners have an ideal opportunity to market products and services to a national audience within a known demographic. Additionally, it decreases audience perception of the content time, while providing an effective way for health care providers to communicate with and educate patients while reducing clerical staff interruptions.

  • Through such an effective digital signages network from JM Integration, providers can offer a well balanced format of up-to-date patient education and testing information, health care news, supplemental preventive medicine programming as well as sponsored promotional segments and messages.


The usage of LFDs in schools , universities and other educational institutions is growing rapidly. They are being used to promote events, projecting emergency alerts and communicating important messages. It has become an important conduit for disseminating knowledge. Nowadays LFDs are also considered as a revenue generation tool by allowing relevant content for students to be displayed by sponsors. it is a win-win situation for both the parties. There are various ways we can help your institution to maximize the mileage of these LFDs

  • Sports facilities and the importance of an active life can be displayed

  • Images of past Illustrious alumni can be flashed at strategic places for the current generation to be inspired

  • Lab facilities and their occupation status

  • Campus communications

  • Every university lives on generous contribution and donations and LFDs can be used to show your gratitude to them

  • The entire school communication can be scheduled and programmed to be displayed at strategic time slot and locations.

  • Higher Education and niche courses that the institution offers can be proudly displayed at the campus


JM Integrated has worked extensively with its customers. The digital signage solution that we provide helps visitors, regular customers and tourists to acquire timely information that informs and positively impacts their stay or vacation experience. This will go a long way to have the patrons coming again and again to savor the ease and flow of communication.

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Door Access Control & Payroll System

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Door Access Control

Tailor-made, integrated and trustworthy enterprise solutions that address people-resource management.Built to deliver optimal performance based on enterprise-specificity, in tune with current business requirements.

Time & Attendance

Physical Access Control

Visitor Management

Canteen Management

Door Interlocking



Most manufacturing industries work in multiple shifts, including overnight shifts. Due to the nature of their job, many times employees have to stay overtime or work continuous shifts. Managing shifts manually leads to a lot of manual work, resulting in errors, improper communication and chaos. Using Matrix advance Shift Management, HR can assign monthly shifts in a simple manner and repeat schedules automatically. They can use features such as auto shift correction, shift schedule on SMS, overtime calculation, tracking available employees, etc.



  • Increased Security of Physical Assets and Manpower

  • Controlled Worker Irregularities

  • Prompt Responses on Casualties

  • Effective Shift Scheduling

  • Increase in Productivity and Minimized Overpayments

  • Easy Interpretation and Decision Making


Property prices are skyrocketing every day, driving developers to adopt new and better technologies in order to finish projects quickly. Major construction companies are operating multiple, often vast sites. At each site a daily flow of direct employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders takes place along with movement of supplies. A monitoring system is essential to eliminate fraudulent and unjustified payments, at the same time maintaining safety and security of small resources. Our Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions make a comprehensive solution for protecting, securing and monitoring the resources of a building, civil or industrial construction. It helps the construction sector meet their demands of attendance management, multi-site connectivity and real-time tracking to ensure safety of staff and physical assets to avoid any malpractice on site. Thus, we supports construction companies in maintaining their level of industry standards, simultaneously fulfilling customer expectations within their budget.



  • Smooth Workforce Tracking

  • Minimized Overpayments

  • Controlled Project Progress and Cost

  • Faster Response to Exceptional Situations

  • Easy Onsite Attendance Management

  • Increased Security of Assets

  • Controlled Workers’ Irregularities


Healthcare Industry is one of the booming sectors in the market. Therefore, global leaders in this segment always look forward for innovative technologies and solutions to improve patients’ care and enhance operational efficiencies. Critical health information can be linked to a duplicate medical record or an incorrect one. This affects patient’s safety and reputation of the hospital. Above that, hospitals are under constant pressure to foster their patients, visitors and staff without any disruption or inconvenience in regular cycle of work. It is always a challenge for small clinics or multi-campus hospitals to provide safe, secure environment for patients and staff along with offering round the clock service within a constrained budget.Our products that meet critical requirements of the healthcare sector. We offers security solutions for Hospitals, Clinics and Home Care. It supports the Healthcare Industry to meet their needs of access control and time-attendance by offering enterprise grade Fingerprint, RFID card, and contactless Palm Vein based reader solutions to maintain hygiene within the organization.



  • Timely Patient Attention

  • Improved Hygiene

  • Secured Patients, Staff and Premises

  • Faster Response to Exceptions

  • Efficient Patient Visitor Management

  • Better Preparedness and Productivity


Retail industry has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Frequent employee turnover, security of warehouse and staff shuffling makes security and time-attendance management more challenging. We offers its comprehensive and tailored security solution to cater the needs of Retail segment. By providing its cohesive security solutions for both inside and outside of operational areas, we ensures complete attention for retail outlets. Our People Mobility solution facilitates advanced features that have been incorporated in the Access Control, which offers solution for a single door through to an integrated solution that enhances security for a network of branches, corporate headquarters and warehouses to meet complex requirements of the organization. Centralized Monitoring, Shift Management, Payroll Integration, PBX System and Video Surveillance Integration with Access Control ensure that the problems are dissolved.



  • Improved Productivity

  • Enhanced Security

  • Easy and Fast Decision Making

  • Centralized Attendance Management

  • Timely and Accurate Employee Salary

  • Proper Shift Scheduling of Staff

  • Timely Customer Attention

  • Roles and Rights Restricted to each Outlet


Government is always the most trusted and eternal part of a country. In this modern era of digitization, every Government is adapting updated technology to increase its efficiency and productivity. For Government organizations, security of human and physical assets is very important. Access without any identification and verification may cause severe threat. In recent times, Biometric Authentication has become widely trusted and highly reliable for tracing down employee irregularities. Employees remain absent without submitting prior application and approval or take long breaks. Buddy punching has become quite a prevalent practice in the absence of a biometric attendance system. Government agencies represent a challenging arena for physical identity and access management. To make advancements in the streamlining of Government operations, Matrix offers integrated Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions with a wide range of features such as Biometric Attendance Marking and Access Control in secured area that warrant step-up security and enhance productivity.



  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Better Control

  • Improves Employee Morale and Discipline

  • Quick Response to Exceptional Situations

  • Uniform Compliance

  • Easy Interpretation and Decision Making

Transportation & Logistics

Every business firm, regardless of what it produces or distributes, requires movement of goods from one point to another and therefore, is involved in transportation. To a large extent, this may be attributed to the fact that many experts consider biometric identification solely a niche solution for security areas such as warehouses and storage rooms. Our solution is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of this sector. We offers security solutions for warehousing and transportation. It supports the industry to meet their demand of access control, time-attendance and other solutions.



  • Timely Delivery

  • Easy Vehicle Tracking

  • Efficient Warehouse Management

  • Secured Assets and Individuals

  • Faster Response to Exceptional Situations

  • Centralized Attendance Management of Field Employees


The Call Centre industry is flourishing in this century, with the manpower working 24*7 in different shifts and time schedule. Most of the employees are desk bound and perform their daily work on computers. It is a colossal task for the floor manager to manage time-attendance along with break timings of all the employees. Access restriction to certain areas and real-time monitoring are also essential for higher security and smooth functioning of Call Centres. Our solutions are a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of the Call Centre industry. Matrix supports the Call Centre segment to meet their demand of access control, time-attendance, cafeteria management, roster management, employee self-service and video surveillance. Thus, shift supervisor or floor manager can monitor and record attendance, break timings and leave records of his/her team.



  • Higher Productivity

  • Increases Discipline and Morale

  • Cashless Cafeteria Transactions

  • Easy Interpretation and Decision Making

  • Flexible Attendance Management

  • Uniform Compliance

  • Secured Assets and Manpower


Schools, Colleges and Universities are places where the future of a country or society is reliant on. The opportunity to exchange ideas and learning should never be compromised by issues of safety and security. Security is becoming a major concern for students, parents or teachers due to escalating incidents like assaults on teachers, theft in exam halls, sexual assaults of female students, fire tragedies and cases of ragging in the educational premises. Many establishments have taken a step ahead by installing sophisticated security systems that can safeguard its people and premises to maintain dynamic learning campus. Our solution is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all critical requirements of the education industry. It helps education institutions meet their demand of sending SMS/Email notification to parents, monthly attendance of students and staff, restricted access to labs, cafeteria management and video surveillance. Thus, we provides a unique solution to the educational institutes, allowing students and staff to focus on gaining knowledge.



  • Enhanced Security of Students, Staff and Assets

  • Controlled Absenteeism

  • Cashless Cafeteria Operations

  • Immediate Actions by Staff and Parents on Exceptions

  • Increase in Discipline among Students

  • Timely and Accurate Staff Salary


Organizations from the Hospitality Industry are oriented towards providing the finest facilities and services to their customers. This also includes safety and security of the customers and their assets. Apart from safety measures, good customer experience also includes exceptional services from the staff, making it a challenge for the industry to keep up. Matrix’s enterprise-grade People Mobility solutions (COSEC) are a range of explicitly designed products to meet all comprehensive requirements of the Hospitality industry. Matrix’s Access Control, Visitor Management and Vehicle Access Management solutions provide end-to-end solution for protecting, securing and monitoring resources of the Hospitality segment. The Time-Attendance solution will prove to be helpful in managing the staff accurately ensuring good services to the customers and meet the demands of attendance management. Thus, Matrix provides tailor-made solution to a chain of Hotels, Resorts, Recreational Centres, etc.



Manage all the Branches from a Single Location

  • Round the Clock Services

  • Centralized Staff Attendance Management

  • Elevated Employee Morale

  • Secured Premises, Staff and Customers

  • Boosted Organization Image and Productivity

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