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Matrix Telecom Solutions

Productivity and efficiency of employees depend on quality of internal and external communication. In today's dynamic technology landscape, it is challenging to design communication solution for modern enterprises. Presenting Matrix Telecom - a comprehensive family of telecom solutions built on cutting-edge technologies and designed for Performance, Flexibility and Reliability.

Matrix Comsec Telecom range includes, Unified Communication and Collaboration, IP-PBXs, Communication Endpoints and Voice Media Gateway. These intelligent platforms truly addresses and enhances communication, collaboration, efficiency and productivity needs of any Modern Enterprises.

Communication Solutions

Unified Communication Servers- SARVAM and PRASAR
Unified Communication Servers
  • Enhance Enterprise Communications
  • Boost Employee Productivity & Collaboration
  • Scalable up to 2100 IP Users
  • Universal Slot Architecture & Mobility
  • Hybrid and Pure IP Solutions
Universal Voice Media Gateways
Universal Voice Media Gateways
  • Retain Existing PBX Infrastructure
  • Reduce Telephony Cost
  • Better Communications: New Age + Traditional Networks
Fixed Voice-Media Gateways
Fixed Voice-Media Gateways
  • Call Cost Saving on Per Call Basis
  • Protect Investment on Old PBX System
  • Connectivity Convenience to New Age Networks
Unified Client- VARTA (Android, iOS)
VARTA- Unified Client (Android, iOS)
  • Boost Communication Convenience
  • Anytime, Anywhere Communications
  • Quick Customer Response
Small and Home Offices
SOHO PBX Small and Home Offices
  • 100% Non-Blocking
  • Auto Attendant
  • CLI Based Call Forwarding
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Ideal for 12 Users
Small and Medium Businesses
IP-PBX Small and Medium Businesses
  • Benefits of Traditional & New-age Networks
  • Mobility Extensions
  • Scalable up to 50 Users
  • Voicemail System
  • VOIP Telephony
IP Communication Endpoints
IP Communication Endpoints
  • Convenient Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Open SIP Standard Devices
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
  • Automate Hotel Routine Activities
  • Boost Staff Productivity and Efficiency
  • Enrich Guest Experience
  • 3rd Party Integration (PMS & CAS)